Operational Technology Advisors & Product Development

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About Minera

We help customers define their current and target operational technology landscape along with the strategy to achieve that target state. We help determine the best fit technology solutions and then work with the customer, equipment manufacturers and technology providers to design and deploy those solutions.

We also help customers improve on their existing technology investments to ensure maximum value is gained from those investments. In addition we can work directly with equipment manufacturers and technology providers to help them develop and promote their technology strategies, products and services.

Often there is a gap in experience, knowledge and skills between the customer, equipment manufacturers and technology providers. We bridge that gap.

Our Capabilites

Our Services

Varied Industry Experience

  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Systems Integration
  • Government
  • Finance
  • Logistics

Unique Combination of Skills

  • Mechanical /Mining Engineering
  • Machine Systems Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Management
  • Systems integration
  • Communications
  • Operations Management

Core Expertise

  • Operations Automation
  • Autonomous & Remote Control Machines
  • Operational Technology
  • Operational performance improvement
  • Site installation & Implementation
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

Strategic Technology Partners

In the course of our day to day work we find some technology solutions that stand out as great examples of how technology should be used to address business specific problems. In these cases we often collaborate with those technology providers to.

  • Help them communicate the value of their technology to specific industries;
  • Support innovative technology development; and
  • Provide our customers with insight into new and innovative technology that can add real value to their business.

Currently we are collaborating with

Tap Into Safety – Who provide an innovative approach to safety training, compliance and assessment applications.

TiS provides customised, interactive, ‘game like’, self-paced safety and hazard/risk perception training & assessment apps, available on tablets (android & iPad) and Web-based.

They use a methodology that reduces legalistic terminology replacing this with videos, pictures and audio (multiple languages) that engages workers in fun safety training and also assists workers with poor English language and literacy skills.

Strategic Collaborations

Currently we are collaborating with

Microsoft Azure.through machine learning and predictive analytics space we have been working with Microsoft to leverage the power of their new Azure platform to address some of the current issues facing the mining industry.

These issues range from difficulty in obtaining a holistic view of the entire operation to the need to improve productivity by using all relevant data to intelligently predict future outcomes given current states.

Peck Tech Consulting Ltd is the leading industry resource to rapidly assist getting customers up to speed on the latest trends and developments in mobile equipment and associated technologies.

Peck Tech’s services include evaluation and comparisons of existing off the shelf solutions, integration assistance when multiple systems must be integrated and custom solution development when there is nothing in the market that meets customer needs.

All this allows a customer to spend less time and effort to achieve the “best of breed” technology solutions for their site to instead focus on what they should be doing: mining.”

Global Surface Mining has been at the forefront of the development of surface mining, helping to deliver lower mining costs, and providing major safety and environmental benefits for mining operations.

GSM's expertise and innovation in the mining of iron ore, uranium, limestone and salt will continue to grow as we work hard to meet the increasing global demand for the earth's natural resources

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